HONG KONG ­– OX Networks Group Asia (FNGA), Asia’s leading pay-TV network, announced it has signed agreements with mm2 Entertainment to co-produce six Chinese language films across different genres, directed by up and coming talents from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.


The films include More Than Blue, Girls, be Ambitious!, Second Champion, Walk with Me, Guang and Zombiepura. FNGA will have the exclusive pay-TV broadcast and digital rights, and will telecast the movies on its premium Chinese movie channel Star Chinese Movies (SCM) and on its streaming platform FOX+.


FNGA has always been a supporter of Chinese film development, and invests heavily in producing Chinese films and drama series. Working closely with mm2, the project will shine a light on new voices, directors and producers from across the region, bringing more high-quality Chinese entertainment productions to audiences around the world.


FNGA and mm2 will co-produce six movies:


  1. More Than Blue (Directed by Gavin Lin)

Gavin Lin, famous for his ‘heart-healing’ movies, is a new generation director from Taiwan. More Than Blue is adapted from the Korean version, directed by Tae-yeon Won, starring Kwon Sang-Woo and Lee Bo-young. This adapted version will feature Jasper Liu and Ivy Chen, talents from young idol drama series in Taiwan.


  1. Girls, be Ambitious! (Directed by Tommy Yu)

Tommy Yu was awarded the ‘Best Short Film’ award in the ‘42nd Golden Horse Awards’ for the short film he directed – How’s Life? and Girls, be Ambitious! focusses on two former adult film stars, who are forced to engage in erotic boxing by their agency.