LOS ANGELES & SINGAPORE – TV4 Entertainment, the global leader in streaming channels, and Multi Channels Asia (MCA), have created a strategic joint venture to localize and distribute TV4 Entertainment’s portfolio of channels and original productions throughout Asia.

The new venture, operating under the name Omni Channels Media, Asia, leverages MCA’s proven leadership in channel creation, localization and distribution throughout Asia – with past distribution successes that include Bloomberg Television and Outdoor Channel. The partnership taps into the existing market reach of MCA relationships to replicate and localize the TV4 Entertainment portfolio, original productions and suite of streaming channels to distribution platform partners across Asia.

Omni Channels Media, Asia will be the exclusive distributor of TV4 Entertainment’s growing portfolio of channels, which already includes over 30 specialty targeted brands and will grow to 100 brands by 2020.  The venture will also acquire homegrown Asian content for its channels and secure local production partners for original content development – all of which will be packaged and distributed to mobile, OTT and PayTV carriers.