Inmarsat, the leading provider of global mobile satellite communication services has launched iMPACT! at the Inmarsat World conference in Lisbon. The iMPACT! team are developing content and tools, which aim to transform the sales tools and techniques used by Inmarsat and its partners. Additionally, it will provide new applications that will allow end users to differentiate, plan and prepare a unified communications solutions around their specific operational requirements.

Dan Alldis, Inmarsat Global Government’s future technology manager said: “Our aim is simply to revolutionise how we present Inmarsat’s connectivity, by engaging emotively with our customers using the sorts of technologies you would find in Hollywood. “We have partnered with major technology companies to create never before seen capabilities, providing a ‘wow-factor’, interactive space where Inmarsat and its partners can discover what customers need, and show them how Inmarsat connectivity solves their problems.”