London – The Ink Factory has acquired the rights to Andrew Michael Hurley’s ‘Devil’s Day’ for adaptation into a television series. Hurley’s work has won him numerous accolades and his debut novel ‘The Loney’ was hailed by the legendary Stephen King as ‘an amazing piece of fiction’.

Hurley’s follow up to ‘The Loney’, ‘Devil’s Day’ is a claustrophobic supernatural tale that speaks of the visceral ties of family, of superstition and mythology, and of the dark power of landscape. Located in a tiny hamlet on the Lancashire moors, and told in the present while also reaching deep into the past, the novel follows John Pentecost and his newly pregnant wife Kat who have returned to John’s family farm to mourn the loss of his grandfather. Their arrival coincides with the ritual of Devil’s Day, a potent ceremony which holds a dark significance for the tight-knit community and belies centuries of secrets and superstitions.  As John and Kat are drawn into fermenting local tensions, and become entangled in buried horrors and haunted pasts, they feel a deep, violent undertow that suggests the Devil himself may be amongst them.

Andrew Michael Hurley “I’m absolutely delighted to be working on the screen adaptation of Devil’s Day with The Ink Factory. From the first meeting, it was clear that their vision of the relationship between the valley, moorland and the characters matched my own.”