Paris – MIPJunior  announces its second 2017 MIPJunior World Premiere TV Screening, the kids’ fantasy series Heroes of Envell,” produced by Digital Television Russia and distributed by Signal Media. This screening will inaugurate the MIPJunior showcase entitled New Creative Territories to Watch, featuring brand-new animated series from territories emerging as major sources of creativity on the international kids’ content scene.

The leading children’s content market, MIPJunior takes place in Cannes, France from14-15 October 2017, ahead of the MIPCOM entertainment content market that runs 16-19 October.

Heroes of Envell” (26 x 11’) is created by Anton Lanshakov and Evgeny Golovin for 8-14-year-olds, and starts in school, where four promising pupils (Art, Phil, Vik and Kira) at junior high find a laptop containing a mysterious game. The laptop turns out to be a portal to the game world with real adventures and dangers. This world has been usurped by four-handed evil genius Morgarth, who dreams of getting to Earth and gaining control over the population.