London– Woodcut Media has been commissioned by Quest, Discovery’s free-to-air factual entertainment channel in the UK, to produce a new documentary series Wings of War, which covers 100 years of aeronautical warfare.


Currently in production, Wings of War (10 x 60’) tells the quintessential story of the role planes and their pilots have played throughout military history, and how technology allowed aerial combat to advance way beyond the realms of possibility. Through a combination of expert interviews, authentic recreations, engineering graphics and archive footage, this series also tells the gripping and oftentimes emotional stories of pilots who flew these legendary aircraft, whilst charting the evolution and developments of military aircraft through to the present day.


Topics include the mighty bombers of World War II, the Voisin used for artillery spotting, through to the Cold War’s Blackbird (which has flown thousands of missions photographing military installations), the birth of the jet engine, the Eurofighter Typhoon (which is so advanced that it can’t be flown by a human without help of a computer), and more.