Paris, France – Premium kids content producer Cottonwood Media and kids net Gulli are delighted to announce the extension of its partnership on SQUISH in Russia and Africa: Gulli Girl and Gulli Africa will join its French counterpart in broadcasting the animated comedy about the secret life of Amoebas.

Aimed at 6-11 year olds, SQUISH is an animated comedy that features the genuinely original world of an Amoeba looking to survive life in the cutthroat world of single cell organisms.  Cottonwood Media has hired a renowned specialist in amoebas and micro-biology, and noted fellow at NYU, to consult on the series.

David Michel, Managing Director of Cottonwood Media and sister distribution company  Federation Kids & Family states, “We really enjoy creating shows that are both original and funny. Having a microbiology expert adds a very unique twist in that SQUISH will be the first slapstick comedy that, on top of entertaining, provides the viewers with knowledge about the world of microbes and amoeba. You can’t say that every day!”