Cape Verde, Africa – The plot narrates a love story that ends in tragedy but gets a chance to be rewritten 150 years later. One of the main highlights of the international catalog released by Globo at the 2017 NATPE, ‘Time After Time’ has just been released in Cape Verde, airing at the 9 PM Primetime slot of the public network RTC. With a narrative that captivates and surprises viewers, the plot has also been attracting audiences from various Latin American countries, such as El Salvador, where the telenovela airs on Canal 4.


The story of love that transcends time and generations is split into two parts 150 years apart from each other, showing a couple reuniting after being prevented from living their romantic love story in the 19th century, getting a second chance in the 21st century. Besides the couple, other characters also get a chance to rewrite their stories and fix their mistakes from the past in completely different lives. The well-written script with a strong hook at the end of the first part helps build the romance and side stories, establishing a connection between the different periods of the story.