Singapore – Asian entertainment channel GEM is holding an online call to search for talented individuals in Asia who can sing in Japanese.  The winner of the search will represent GEM in Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV)’s singing competition show I Can Sing in Japanese! in Tokyo next year.


Broadcast since 2011 in Japan, the prestigious program has attracted applicants from all over the world, including Denmark, Spain and Jamaica amongst other countries.  The show is a platform for aspiring non-Japanese singers to showcase their talent on a national stage, with some of its past participants even going on to make professional debuts.  Incredible singing talent aside, viewers can also expect to be astounded by the impressive sight of non-natives belting out pitch-perfect Japanese tunes.  Some past winners from Asia include Singapore’s Jeremy Teng, Indonesia’s Fatimah Zahratunnisa and Michael David Bodin from the Philippines.