Pakistan’s media players are getting quite irresponsible; as there are so many talk shows and political debates on the screen all the time and sometimes they seems to be crossing their limits. Media should work in its limits and according to some rules and regulations. Besides spreading exaggeration, Pakistani media should resolve the matters with positive attitude. Media is supposed to be responsible for the present society, trends, norms, values and so on. People are what they see around them. Media reflects the society and it is the responsibility of media to expose the country to the whole world. Pakistani media relates dramas, movies, sports, news and entertainment and so many features to the people. Its dramas reflect society and happenings and issues in the society, not only to the people of Pakistan but also to the whole world, news channels alarm the people about all the current happenings, within and outside the country.


According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), mobile broadband subscribers in the country are expected to become 47 million by 2020 and 79 million by 2025. The current number of mobile broadband subscribers in 2016 is around five million. The mobile and related market is projected to be worth $17 billion per year by 2025, a huge jump from the current $4 billion a year. In Vision 2025, PTA has stated that key service providers will be encouraged to offer extended Over- The-Top (OTT) services such as Viber, Skype and work with third party digital distributors and vice versa to offer consumers value through product-centric services in a collaborative framework. Broadband subscriptions in the country depicted a growth of over 40% in 2015, reaching 3.79 million subscribers as compared to 2.72 million in 2013.