Hong Kong – Only recently it was possible that a student can experience the thrill and danger at the peak of Mont Blanc in Italy, visit a Van Gogh museum in Paris and arrive at JFK International Airport in New York City, all within one-morning class session. With VR Educate’s proprietary VR Room and 21-category Content Platform, this journey is now possible that a class of students can experience all, altogether, along with their teacher, in the safety and comfort of a classroom together with the teacher.

Virtual Reality is emerging as one of the most rapidly adopted technologies worldwide. With this new technology reaching mainstream audiences, there will be numerous industries undergoing significant transformations, from travel and gaming to simulated training and learning. VR becomes the driving trend towards adoption of head-mounted-devices is a must in future. The potential and boundless vista of VR is unlimited and limitless.

VR Educate Ltd., an industry first mover in immersive virtual reality learning, is championing the introduction of VR learning in classrooms across Asia.  VR Educate Ltd provides a “Total VR Solution” to students through its proprietary VR Room, VR Lab and VR Content Platform for schools. Totally immersive VR experience promises to encourage open imagination, self-motivation and out-of-the-box thinking amongst students. As Hong Kong has always been early adopters of new technologies, VR Educate expects 10% of Hong Kong secondary schools (about 50) will be providing educational VR contents to students in the next six months.

VR Educate, led by Ms Lanny Huang (Founder and CEO) and Mr Ko Ping Yeung (COO) is dedicated to bring VR learning to all students. Based in Hong Kong, VR Educate also operates in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, South Korea and Vietnam. Ms Lanny Huang states that “Time and again, it’s been said that if one doesn’t master new technology, one becomes its slave, and we believe students in Asia should not be left behind.  VR Educate is encouraging schools and educational institutions to lead the way in VR learning.  We are here to help, from classroom design to hardware and VR content to teaching aids, we will provide the best available VR teaching package for schools and institutions willing to be at the forefront of the industry. ”