Hong Kong – TVB made headlines once again at the HKFILMART today with 12 new variety titles for its free TV audience and major overseas business collaboration with a Korean partner.  The event was amplified with several TVB cast from its drama and variety segment coming forward to entertain the visitors. Visitors also got to learn more deeply about the countless variety programmes being line-up in the coming year as well as to better understand TVB and TVBI’s global business operation.

“TVB produces more than 2,000 hours of variety shows per year for global consumption. Our market is not confined to Hong Kong alone. Historically, the global Chinese community recognises TVB programmes. There are so many ways to consumers consume our content these days,” said TVBI’s Controller Sherman Lee. “First of all, we are going to provide informative programmes to the audience despite their age group. This includes sub-genre such as cooking show, social media, travelogue, wellness programme and many such shows. Our approach is different and we have introduced ‘Edfotainment’ – education, entertainment plus information. This is TVB coined genre creation. We have dramas for housewife, which is very popular. And as the younger generation have more and more viewing platforms, we have created several channels such as J2, J5, and iNews channels for them, he added.

Wide ranging as they are, the 12 selected variety titles are quite simply produced entertainment shows will certainly please the audience. KBSN’s CEO, Mr Lee Jun-yong announced that they will collaborate with TVB8 and produce variety programmes of an even finer quality. From July 2016, TVB8 will broadcast KBSN’s programmes during special hours in the weekends.