1) The future of content creation and distribution

From mini bundles and premium windows through to on-demand and a plethora of direct to consumer options, the role of gatekeepers is changing, new pricing models are emerging, effectively creating new pressure points and demand drivers for content aggregators, creators and distributors.

2) The streaming video wars

In the search for scale – global, regional and local – which platforms, players, and business models will prosper in the world of online video distribution?

3) Meet the new boss, same as the old boss?

There is rapid evolution in the packaging and pricing of content in a broadband world. How will the role of pay-TV and telecom operators change along with that of hardware manufacturers? What does it mean for the customer? How do economics and returns evolve across the value chain?

4) The power of social video in the age of multimedia curation

Social networks continue to leverage data to drive traffic and could capitalize on multimedia content curation, creation and distribution with new tools that leverage bundling, subscription and commerce. What will be the impact in Asia’s emerging and high growth mobile markets?

5) Sports in the digital window

Strategies, economics and returns to exploit sports rights across digital platforms.

6) Market focus