ROME – Wildside, the leading Italian television and feature film producer, has stuck a deal with the Italian Fandango Productions to co-develop and co-produce the TV adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s highly-acclaimed Neapolitan quartet of novels. Recently added to the New York Times’ ‘best 10 books of 2015’, the collection portrays the gritty lives and friendship of Elena and Lila from childhood to motherhood against the social and political backdrop of 1950’s Naples. The story will unfold over four eight-part series and be shot in Italy. Elena Ferrante is to be involved throughout the project.

The Neapolitan Novels follows the lives of Elena and Lila as they grow up amidst the turbulent backdrop of their hometown – a deprived neighbourhood on the outskirts of Naples, Italy. The novels depict how the women’s relationship is shaped and often distorted over time by their social status, jealousy and tension amongst other female friendships, domestic violence and the changing conditions of woman from marriage, to motherhood. Over the years, they face a grinding struggle living within an era of social upheaval, radical feminism and corruption, but despite this the two women remain inextricably bound to each other. No other relationship in their lives possesses the longevity of their friendship, and none ever will.