Cannes– Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD), a global distributor of entertainment content, announced that its sensational new series XRC (Extreme Reality Clips) is a global success.  The co-production with RMG News is a hit in Asia, Africa, and the Americas, including the United States, where it airs on the Univision Communication, Inc. network UniMás.

XRC (18 x 30’) was created from a vast library of thousands of amazing video clips, including high-speed pursuits, police shootouts, cliffhanging rescues, devastating fires, and much more – news images and ‘reality clips’ captured live by the intrepid cameras of RMG News, one of the most prominent providers of news video in the world.

XRC was acquired by the leading broadcasters and networks in Asia (Discovery Channel), Africa (Sony’s Channels, Sony MAX and SET), and Latin America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Chile, and Paraguay. Electus recently signed a deal to become the exclusive representative of the series for the territories of Europe and Australia.