Eleven Sports acquires Liga Endesa

Singapore– Eleven Sports Network has acquired rights with the Asociacion de Clubes de Balconesto (ACB) to broadcast the 2015-16 Liga Endesa basketball season in Singapore. The network will have the rights to broadcast two games per round from the Liga Endesa, as well as action from the ACB’s other official competitions, the Supercopa Endesa and Copa del Rey.


Riot Creative acquires Couch Diaries

Riot Creative, part of Leftfield Entertainment (Pawn Stars), has acquired Armoza Formats’ Couch Diaries for development for the U.S. market. The deal, brokered by Ed Simpson, Senior Vice President, Business Development & International, Leftfield Entertainment, marks the first collaboration between the two companies. Developed by Artza Productions, Couch Diaries premiered in Israel in 2013, with an increase in the channel’s rating by 30% in the second season.