Singapore – Sports’ top guns concluded at the end of the two-day event that brands, organisers, right holders, content owners and platforms must collaborate for a healthier sports market in the region. Data and charts from different organisations proved there is ample opportunity and a mammon audience waiting to consume sports content where ever they are. 

Sponsor and keynote speaker Zubin Gandevia, President, Asia Pacific & Middle East, FOX International Channels told the 600 delegates from 200 companies across 20 countries that “The issue is not so much whether the Asian sports industry is sustainable, but it’s more about how we can work together to optimise the massive potential it has. That’s the beauty of being at a nascent stage with so much momentum.”

Maurizio Barbieri of Samsung and keynote speaker said, “We have seen new players entering the market these past two years and there will be more coming in over the next two years. We continue to have high hopes for the industry and Sports Matters remains the destination event for the business of sport.”