London, UK − Sky Vision Productions is producing a 1 x60′ documentary about the earthquake in Nepal for Sky 1 and National Geographic Channels International (NGCI).

Titled The Day Everest Shook for Sky 1 and Earthquake on Everest for NGCI, the film is produced by Sky Vision Productions in association with Sky News. Award-winning producer/director Dick Bower, who also worked on Typhoon Haiyan: Eye Of The Storm (Sky 1 & Nova PBS) will lead the team.

The documentary will combine footage from several teams on the ground in Nepal, expert testimony from world-renowned scientists, UGC footage and CGI to illustrate the anatomy of an earthquake and how and why this happened.

Danny Tipping, Executive Producer and Director of Programming & Development, Sky Vision Productions, commented, “It’s great to be working with Sky and NGCI to produce what will be a remarkable account of the events leading up to and after the earthquake struck. It unleashed multiple avalanches on Mount Everest, resulting in the worst disaster the mountain has ever recorded. The film will also include the latest findings from the world’s leading geologists to establish what can be done to identify when and where the next earthquake might strike.”