Finland’s national pubcaster, YLE, have commissioned Armoza Formats’ honest dating show Nobody’s Perfect. The first season will comprise 10 episodes and will be produced by Aito Media. The show is slated to air this fall and has now started production.

Armoza and YLE have previously partnered on hit factual show The Package, while humorous life-coaching show The Gran Plan and 3 seasons of docu-reality sensation Connected have recently aired in Finland on MTV3. Armoza’s spectacular prime time show I Can Do That! is also set to air in Finland later this year on MTV Oy.

Nobody’s Perfect (60’) is a factual dating show with a unique social experiment angle, created by Buzz Productions in partnership with Armoza Formats. Each episode a potential couple is asked to reveal their inner-most secrets on the very first date. In contrast to the traditional dating scene that is all about putting on masks, Nobody’s Perfect explores whether honesty really is the best policy in dating, and in the search for love.

Eero Hietala, Creative Director of Aito Media Ltd said, “We believe that Nobody’s Perfect provides a unique twist to the genre. The idea of revealing secrets gives us the possibility to discuss important topics alongside dating and romance.”