Singapore − Discovery Channel announced the commissioning of Aftershock: Disaster In Nepal, a new documentary that will explore the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that shook Nepal on 25 April and the subsequent 7.3-magnitude earthquake on 12 May. The 60-minute special will air on Discovery’s factual channels worldwide beginning 24 May in more than 220 countries and territories around the world. In Asia Pacific, Aftershock: Disaster In Nepal will air on Discovery Channel, starting 14 June.

As part of the production, Discovery Channel will be partnering with actress Michelle Yeoh, who will be hosting programme links and a special public service announcement to further highlight the disaster, its after-effects, and the plight of those affected. Discovery Channel has also produced a public service announcement featuring several of its personalities calling on viewers to support recovery efforts, which has been on air across Asia Pacific since the beginning of May.

The devastating earthquake that struck Nepal on 25 April unleashed a shockwave equal to the force of 20 thermonuclear weapons on the region, amassing an overwhelming death toll of more than 8,000 people, including 19 climbers who were scaling Mount Everest at the time of the quake. Historic buildings in the centre of Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, were reduced to rubble and generations-old family homes destroyed.

Aftershock: Disaster In Nepal will feature expert interviews and seismic demonstration to explain the science behind the earthquakes, footage of the rescue operations in Kathmandu, news reports from around the globe and exclusive glimpses of new technology and research being developed to help humanity better predict and cope with natural events such as earthquakes. The documentary will also feature a variety of compelling first-hand accounts from those who survived the natural disaster, from a hotelier in Kathmandu laying out breakfast service and two sisters opening up their bakery in the shadow of the Pashupatinath Temple, to a group of tourists visiting Dubar Square and a newlywed couple at Everest’s Camp 1. In addition, the programme will supplement these first-hand accounts with user-generated content and social media.