Turkey’s OttO Productions has now acquired the rights to Armoza Formats’ prime time studio game show Only One Knows. Aired daily on TVA, Only One Knows is the top game show in French Canada.

Only One Knows is being distributed by Armoza Formats as part of a strategic partnership with TVA, along with prime time celebrity entertainment show By Invitation Only which, having won the night on TVA, has been recommissioned for a 2nd season, and prime time dating reality format Flight 920, which is also set to air its 2nd season this year.

Only One Knows (30′) is the family game show where 5 celebrities compete every day for a week in a new kind of quiz that tests not only their general knowledge but also their intuition! In every episode, 1 bluffer is given all the answers and must win as much money as possible – while fooling as many other people as possible. And with all the money going to the charity of the winners’ choice, playing has never been so worthwhile. Packed with suspense, surprises, mystery and humour, Only One Knows is French Canada’s number 1 game show with over 30% share and more than 500 episodes aired to date on TVA.

Gokhan Mutlay, Executive Producer at OttO Productions said, “Only One Knows is an amazing game of strategy, suspense, fun, and humour with a mesmerizing set. This is a marvellous show which creates excitement and anticipation and will glue viewers to the TV.  It also provides a great platform for celebrities to support good causes in an entertaining, fun way.”