Bali − Astro and Disney announced the launch of Disney Movies on Demand, ABC Studios on Demand, Disney on Demand as part of the Astro Plus SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) offering. Astro subscribers already enjoy Disney’s diverse range of content through Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior on Astro’s Pay-TV service and the latest Studio hits such as Big Hero 6 and Into the Woods on Astro Best Pay Per View.

From Malaysians looking to catch up on their favourite ABC series, to parents looking to entertain their kids with Disney programming during meals or car journeys, Astro Plus will have something for everyone. Subscribers will have access to every episode of entire seasons of their favourite series that they can watch whenever they want, wherever they want. This flexibility will enable kids to select their favourite episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and other great shows when they want.

Agnes Rozario, Vice President of Content Management Group at Astro said, “As some Malaysians prefer the convenience of on-demand viewing of content, Astro will continue to broaden its offering, especially for those with a connected Astro box in their homes and the online and mobile space. With the successful introduction of Astro First and Astro Best Pay Per View movie offerings and Astro VOD, we have now launched Astro Plus, which offers subscription-based On-Demand content. Customers can now watch the latest content as and when they choose to do so.”

Amit Malhotra, GM – Disney Media Distribution, Southeast Asia said, “This launch further strengthens our content offerings across Disney and ABC Studios in Malaysian homes. We are extremely happy to expand our strategic collaboration with Astro beyond the Disney Channels and Astro Best service to their new SVOD service, Astro Plus on Astro Pay TV and Astro on the Go.”