By Invitation Only the celebrity entertainment show distributed by Armoza Formats, has been licensed for its 2nd season on TVA for French Canada. In France, Réservoir Prod (a subsidiary of Lagardère Entertainment) has now taken the rights for the show and is currently in discussions with a leading French broadcaster for the show.

In its 1st season, By Invitation Only consistently won the night for TVA, and the 2nd season is set to air 10 new episodes from autumn 2015 in prime time slots.

By Invitation Only (10×60′) is the weekly TV event that gives you the chance to get to know your most beloved celebrities in an entirely different environment. Each episode our celebrity host invites 4 celebrity friends to his private and stylish hangout, with every event filled with surprises, carried by the music of the live band and rounded off with a special prank finale! And some secrets will only be revealed on social media, making this the perfect trending show.

André Provencher, Vice-president, Creation and International Development, QMI Content, said, “The first season of By Invitation Only on TVA proved to be an exciting and unique experience for our young adult viewers, regardless of the platform on which they chose to watch it. The success of this innovative entertainment show in its prime time slot was so great that renewal became a no-brainer. We feel that By Invitation Only belongs to the future and we are proud to partner with Armoza Formats to develop more exciting content in the coming years.”