January – February 2015

Country Focus

  • Competition grows in Indonesia

    In October 2014, Joko Widodo was inaugurated the seventh President of the country, marking his ninth year in politics. Widodo, also known as “Jokowi”, came to politics in 2005 as the 16th Mayor of Surakarta. In 2012, he went on to serve as Governor of Jakarta for two years and was then named president-elect in July 2014.... Read More


  • NATPE – Breaking Down the Borders of Content

    With every television broadcaster vying to be the first in the new year to showcase the next big thing, NATPE serves as the premiere market for the evolving content industry. Featuring a robust lineup of speakers presenting each of the most important sectors of the industry, attendees will experience gripping opportunities to tackle 2015 with a fresh perspective. Priscilla Hendriks takes a look at the upcoming NATPE 2015.... Read More

  • Asian Television Awards - Star Power

    It was a star-studded awards show at the 19th Asian Television Awards. Held in conjunction with the Singapore International Film Festival and Asian Television Forum & Market which received about 5,000 participants, it is the annual media festival where celebrities and industry veterans joined hands to celebrate Asia’s finest. Priscilla Hendriks reports from Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Hall.... Read More

  • Setting the Stage for Drama

    Dramas have come a long way into the lives of many television viewers across the globe. In the new age of storytelling, dramas captivate their audience with action, location, costume, charismatic cast, great scripts, audio, HD photography, good chronicle; the list goes on. Yes, in a nut shell, dramas have become sexier over the years, holistically. Today’s storytellers are visionaries with great expectations. There is no limit to their imagination and hence, certain plots take a dramatic twist, keeping audiences on their seat with their eyes glued to the screen. This also reduces code-cutting for some pay-TV operators. Dramas are also no longer viewed at primetime alone as they can be viewed on several devices, anytime anywhere. Multiplatform has certainly brought audiences closer to drama programmes. Many are watching dramas on-the-go, in sub-stations, buses and trains and even while walking down the street. Has the popularity diluted the positioning and prising of dramas? K. Dass reports the drama scene... Read More

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