Berlin – Da Vinci Learning, the family channel, launches with First Media on LinkNet, BigTV and VoD.

Da Vinci Learning is adding a key player to its list of operators within the Indonesian market. Da Vinci Learning’s high-quality knowledge programming, with award-winning educational series and documentaries, allows kids in particular to learn a variety of interesting things about animals, art, the human body, civilisations, tricks and other topics that intrigue young minds. With its “no violence” policy Da Vinci Learning creates a safe environment for younger viewers and aspires to be a useful educational tool.

With LinkNet, Da Vinci Learning will be available in the following packages: Combo Family HD, Combo Dlite HD, Combo Elite HD, Combo Supreme HD, Combo Maxima HD, Combo HC Ultimate. With Big TV, viewers can find Da Vinci Learning in the following packages: BiG FUN, BiG SUN, BiG STAR, BiG UNIVERSE, BiG KIDS, BiG EZ KIDS. Da Vinci Learning content will also be provided through First Media’s VoD platform. Da Vinci Learning will be launching in high definition across all platforms.