As a result, CASBAA told the legislature, “The television industry in particular is already suffering huge harm from online piracy unrestrained by existing inadequate laws.” Evidence is not hard to come by. The Association observed that the elevated levels and huge growth trend in online piracy are “plain to see for anyone with the will to have open eyes.”

Medeiros noted that – even while it supports rapid passage of the legislation – the TV industry remains critical of the large weaknesses of the Amendment Bill. “Establishment of a right to authorise communication of copyrighted works will not solve the piracy problem,” he said, and further steps are urgently needed. “Hong Kong is now way behind the curve,” Medeiros added. The Amendment Bill will implement for the first time copyright treaties signed almost 20 years ago, and “it is an absolutely necessary first step,” he said. In addition, CASBAA is urging the government to immediately begin considering further steps to restore balance and provide a new breath of life to Hong Kong’s creative industries.