Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) announced the TIFF presents the SAMURAI Award Special Talk Session which will be held to feature Takeshi Kitano, one of Japan’s most prominent film director. We will also invite young Japanese filmmakers, international film critic and film curator to talk about “Now and Future of Japanese Film” on 25 October. This year, TIFF has launched the SAMURAI Award to commend achievements of filmmaker who continues to create groundbreaking films that carve out a path to a new era. Takeshi Kitano and Tim Burton are the first recipients of the award. In commemoration of establishment of this award, TIFF will hold this special talk session.

The 27th TIFF will be held from 23 to 31 October, at Roppongi Hills, TOHO Cinemas Nihonbashi and other venues in Tokyo. Takeshi KITANO and Tim BURTON will be receiving the SAMURAI Award at the Closing Ceremony on 31 October.

Outline of the Event

Title: TIFF presents the SAMURAI Award Special Talk Session, Featuring the first recipient of the Award, Takeshi Kitano

Date: October 25 (Sat) 15:00-16:30

Venue: Tower Hall, Roppongi Academy Hills, Roppongi Hills 49F

Theme: “Now and Future of Japanese Movie” (tentative)

Speakers: Takeshi KITANO (film director), Winners of PFF Award 2014,

Winners of three student film festivals in Japan