Cannes, France – FINAS is looking to spearhead Malaysia as the creative content hub of the region through a dynamic ecosystem in digital and broadcast content at MIPCOM.

FINAS continues its ongoing tradition of supporting local talents by promoting Malaysia’s creative content on the international stage. In addition to this, the country commitment to support local and attract foreign artist and production companies under the “Film in Malaysia Incentive” is a landmark decision that would develop and further promote Malaysia as a preferred destination and film production hub.

Speaking at MIPCOM in Cannes, Secretary General of the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, Dato’ Sri Abdul Rahim Mohamad Radzi said, “FINAS is always supportive of our home-grown talent, we have developed the Film in Malaysia Incentive for content development specifically for film, television and other screen productions. We are anticipating that these incentives would encourage productions works and increase skills sets that would be of international standard for the populace throughout the ecosystem of the creative content industry.”

FINAS has performed well in the content market this year, earning RM67.4 million in total revenue sales, and is expected to achieve its target of RM165 million by the end of 2014. The country is equipped with value-added enticements to attract foreign productions through a cost competitive and conducive working environment. This is also complemented by the availability of world-class infrastructures that include the Iskandar Pinewood Studios in Johor.

Dato’ Rahim said, “To date, Malaysia has exported over RM400 million worth of creative content and we are positive at hitting our RM600 million target by year end. We are looking to develop Malaysia’s reputation as an efficient and cost effective hub for the creative content industry.”