Since its Inception in 2012, Dutch Features has established itself as an International Producers Representation company. It markets and licenses marketing and licensing successful European feature films and Event mini-series to TV broadcasters and local distributors worldwide. The Dutch Features Collection boasts a catalogue of premium quality Dutch drama series and films. The slate includes award winning mini-series, The Prey, Empire of Seduction, Johan Cruyff – Soccer messiah, The van Gogh Legacy and Secrets of the House of Orange. Long running drama series include the critically acclaimed anthology series: The Godless and the hit crime thriller series Force (recently re-commissioned for a second season by Dutch public broadcaster Channel 3). Representing some of the best local feature film productions, Dutch Features has been able to build a film label introducing a select series of successful family films such as the premier grossing Dutch family film series: Mister Twister and the Dummie the Mummy films based on the internationally released book-series.

Pim van Collem, said, “Dutch Features has been able to build a name for itself through our strong portfolio of quality drama and features and a select group of top production companies that we represent. Our buyers recognise and rely on the constant high production value of our titles. This has resulted in a confirmed slate of new drama-series and family films for 2015/16. In the last decade Dutch Television drama has strongly developed on many levels, also as a direct effect of the expansion and progression of the local film industry through the tax rebate programme and other local incentives. Dutch Features has been able to license several first rate drama series (Freddie Heineken miniseries) to European TV Channels and major US distribution companies. We are really looking forward to working together with the team at FCCE and combining our international expertise in licensing the Dutch Features Collection.”

Over the past year Van Collem has been collecting a catalogue of quality Dutch drama series and films. The expansive list includes award winning series as The Prey, Empire of Seduction, The Godless, Johan Cruijff, Soccer Messiah, The van Gogh legacy, Secrets of the house of Orange and the Dutch crime series Force (recently re-commissioned in NL). Besides Backslide and Black Booty, Dutch Features also introduces a range of kid’s movies like Dummie the Mummie and three Mister Twister movies.

Verkerk Justus Verkerk, Chief Commercial Officer FCCE, said, “The Dutch Features Collection is really adding great value to our portfolio. We are well connected with many drama buyers around the world. We look forward to presenting Dutch Features titles during MIPCOM!”