Talpa Global and Israel’s A Cappella have entered into a partnership agreement that sees Talpa handle the worldwide distribution rights to the new connected game show The Big Picture.

“Although we rarely enter into partnerships on third party formats, we made an exception with A Cappella as we believe The Big Picture is such a unique connected format that’s going to change the perception of the game show,” said Maarten Meijs, Managing Director of Talpa Global.

Created by TV host and mentalist Nimrod Harel and A Cappella, The Big Picture sees studio players get the chance to win a million dollars by correctly answering 12 picture-based questions. If the studio player is unsure, or simply doesn’t know the answer, he can enlist help from a connected player selected from among those viewers playing along in real time with The Big Picture app. At that moment that particular connected player will have his image projected on the TV screen, play along via the technology and also have a shot at winning a substantial amount of the studio player’s total prize money, even all of it!

The creators behind this new format define The Big Picture as the next generation in the evolvement of the game show genre, which will cater to the networks and producers around the world who have been searching for the pinnacle combination between the TV screen and the personal screen of the smartphones or tablets. The Big Picture redefines a new interactive and collaborative viewing experience.