Tel Aviv – German public broadcaster ZDFNeo has commissioned 6 primetime episodes of unconventional celebrity interview show How To Be (to be locally named Michael Kessler ist…), starting from September 4. The factual format is being produced by ITV Germany and will be hosted by popular actor, comedian and journalist Michael Kessler.

The first season will include Joachim Llambi, well-known for his tough stance as a judge in Let’s Dance, as well as an Olympic medalist, a celebrity DJ, musicians, and a former porn-star. The format also aired on Sweden’s TV3 to much critical acclaim, increasing the channel’s average timeslot ratings and becoming a trending topic on social media.

Developed by Artza Productions in collaboration with Armoza Formats, and voted most innovative format in Holland’s NED3 TV Lab, How To Be is a fresh take on the typical celebrity interview shows. With celebrities trained to conceal the personal details of their lives, this original format flips the interview process on its head to allow the host to become the celebrity, and the celebrity to become the host. In each episode, the role reversal finale will provide a startling moment of clarity and candid reflection through allowing the celebrity to confront himself and ask all the deeply personal questions that he would never have answered in a regular interview format.