London Endemol, announced August 18 that the UK arm of its premium channel network (PCN), Endemol Beyond, has launched an international sports-themed channel with YouTube megastar, Olatunji – aka KSI.

Available at, RULE’M SPORTS is a major release featuring over 150 pieces of premium sports entertainment content over the next 12 months. Fans can see KSI tested to his limits and beyond, as he gets off of his infamous gaming chair, out of his bedroom and embarks on a journey to master five sporting disciplines over the space of a year, training alongside top athletes including Louise Hazel, Amir Khan and James Haskell.

His first challenge is in the world of professional boxing before he takes on a host of other international sports including rugby, football, athletics and more.  

Renowned for his energetic attitude in front of the camera, KSI has risen to YouTube superstardom with a series of hilarious gaming commentaries, observational sketches and outrageous vlogs.

Since uploading his first video to YouTube in 2010, KSI has built an 8.5m strong army of dedicated fans across both of his channels (KSIOlajideBT and KSIOlajideBTHD), whilst amassing well over 1.28 billion views in total. In a recent poll by Variety magazine he ranked as the fourth most popular personality amongst U.S. teenagers, beating Hollywood film and music A-listers such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Johnny Depp, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence.

His journey from gamer to sportsman on RULE’M SPORTS will be hilarious, riotous and inspirational, goading his legions of fans to get up and get active, have a laugh, and still take time out to pick up the pad once in a while.