Tel Aviv – Turkey’s Star TV has commissioned daily stripped styling competition The Final Cut Down, launched at MIPTV by Armoza Formats. Locally known as Benim Kuaförüm, Star TV will initially take 30 episodes, which will be produced in partnership with Production House, and are set to air daily from early August.

Star TV has in the past aired several of Armoza’s formats including studio game show The Common Denominator, investigative drama The Naked Truth and international hit game show Still Standing.

In The Final Cut-Down, each week, 5 hairdressers will compete to give one lucky passer-by a completely new look in just 3 hours! In every episode, one hairdresser works to transform one lucky passer-by, chosen by their rivals! They will then be scored by their competitors, with the week’s highest scorer winning the title of ‘Best Hairdresser’ and a cash prize. Each week the show travels to a different city and highlights the salons in the area. Over 80 episodes have already aired on TV Barrandov, Czech Republic, doubling the timeslot’s ratings and increasing share by 50%.