Malaysia – Life Inspired has teamed up with Switzerland Tourism Board for the channel’s sixth and seventh original productions, a Style and Travel series which is scheduled to premiere this July.

Life Inspired will be taking viewers on a getaway to two of Europe’s most picturesque destinations in its latest travel series, Stopover Switzerland and a journey through the world of time in It’s About Time: Baselworld this July. Fresh off Jason Down Under and Stopover Shanghai, avid traveller-cum-host Jason Godfrey has set his eyes on Lucerne and Zurich for his next adventure. With his signature charm and wit, Godfrey interacts with various colourful local personalities to unfold what gives each city its edge whether in culture, dining, fashion or lifestyle in this season’s travel show, Stopover Switzerland. Beginning July 20, viewers will be able to follow Godfrey as he discovers the intricacies behind making a brilliant timepiece in It’s About Time: Baselworld.

Stopover Switzerland is a two-part half hour travelogue that starts off with a historical journey in Lucerne as Godfrey wanders through the medieval streets, past the gothic towering Hof Church before visiting one of the world’s most iconic monuments, The Lion of Lucerne, a memorial to Swiss mercenaries who perished during the French Revolution, and has been immortalised by Mark Twain as “the most mournful piece of stone in the world”. He later stops by at Chapel Bridge, undoubtedly the city’s most famous landscape known for its grandiose paintings illustrating scenes from Swiss history. Moving to the modern side of town, Godfrey pays a visit to the futuristic Culture and Convention Centre, a popular landmark designed by famed Parisian architect, Jean Nouvel. Godfrey then heads over to Stadtkeller, a charming Swiss folklore food haven where the flavours of a hearty alpine meal is enhanced by doses of folk music in an utterly distinct ambience. To round up his Lucerne trip, Godfrey scales up the Swiss Alps, in this case, Mount Titlis in Engelberg to get a taste of the great snowbound outdoors before heading to Zurich, where he runs into some lost baggage drama upon arrival.

The second episode starts right where we last see Godfrey, in the heart of Zurich for his final leg of his Swiss adventure. He checks out the thriving shopping district of Bahnhofstrasse followed by a visit to Laderach, one of Switzerland’s top chocolatiers and Hiltl Restaurant, the world’s first and longest running vegetarian establishment. Godfrey then continues to explore the city: from distinctive industrial architecture Haus Konstruktiv, creative heads and hipster central Cabaret Voltaire, hiking up to posh resort Uto Kulm to tapping into the underground culture of Zurich West. While visiting these places, Godfrey gets a chance to hang out with local designers, artisan chocolatiers, hoteliers and art-space managers as he learns more about the local culture.

Stopover Switzerland brings out the enticing charm that is uniquely Swiss: where the old and new co-exist in perfect harmony through picture-perfect sights, architectural highlights, historic squares, streets and districts, works of art and much more unlike any other