Singapore – HBO Asia announced on July 24 that it will – for the first time ever – be offering a free sampling of the first episode of the brand-new Cinemax Original Series, The Knick, on its website and on HBO Asia’s YouTube channel for a period of two weeks from August 11 to 25, just two days after its Asian television premiere.

“This is the first time HBO Asia is offering the entire pilot episode of our original series for free to all audiences, including non-subscribers, on our website and on the HBO Asia YouTube channel,” said Magdalene Ew, Head, Marketing, Creative and Content, HBO Asia. “We hope this free sampling of the Cinemax Original series, The Knick, will help build interest in the brand-new show, offer more viewers a chance to watch the show legitimately, and prompt viewers to subscribe to the channel.”

The first episode of The Knick on HBO Asia’s YouTube channel and the cinema website will be available in eight territories – Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand. Subtitles will be available in Hong Kong (Chinese), Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia), Malaysia (Bahasa Malaysia), Taiwan (Chinese) and Thailand (Thai).