Munich Mata Mata, Red Arrow International’s documentary film on Brazilian football talents, has been picked up by three additional broadcasters. Sky Italia has scored the pay-TV rights to Mata Mata as part of its World Cup coverage this summer. Mexican free TV channel Canal Once will air it on June 8 and 10. And South Korean Green Narae Media has secured rights to broadcast Mata Mata through three major VOD platforms starting June 12, reaching approximately 10 million homes.

The 1 x 90’ special has already made its way to Latin America (Netflix), Belgium and Scandinavia. Originally commissioned by Germany’s ARD, its recent broadcast received stellar reviews from critics.

Using big screen cinematography in combination with real-life stories Mata Mata is unlike any other documentary film before. Over three years, filmmaker Jens Hoffmann followed Brazilian football talents as they fight to fulfil their dreams. Gaining unique access to the hidden circles pulling the strings in the background, but also to intimate private moments, Mata Mata is a timeless portrait of Brazil’s society in general.

“Football is more than just a game, it’s passion, love and a worldwide business and Mata Mata is a great documentary to know about all of it. Canal Once is proud to premiere it in Mexico, a country with a long love affair with Football and players that perform at top international levels. Definitely a great opportunity to show touching stories and a different vision of the football experience to our audiences,” said Mayolo Reyes, Director of Strategy and Development at Canal Once.

Axel Boehm, Senior Vice President Sales, Europe at Red Arrow International said: “With all eyes on Brazil at the moment, Mata Mata is a great way to showcase the young Brazilian talents and the untold stories of the football world. The German premiere on ARD had fantastic feedback and I can’t wait to hear what the rest of the world has to say!”