Sydney – BBC Worldwide ANZ unveiled the first phase of its advertising campaign for BBC First – a new premium British drama channel – with promotional TVCs on Foxtel from 8 June.

Created by Droga5, the “What’s next?” campaign focuses on the complexity and unpredictability of great British drama, a uniquely defining feature. BBC First will offer programmes that are challenging, immersive and surprising, and always have a unique British perspective. The creative recognises that viewers of British drama revel in this unpredictability: plots are rich and winding, and narratives twist and turn. They enjoy meeting and bonding with the most surprising of characters. The audience’s journey is unexpected and keeps them thinking, questioning and always celebrating “What’s next?”.

Taking the two key launch titles, Peaky Blinders and The Musketeers, Droga5 has produced four different versions of the “What’s next?” TVC: two 30 second and two 60 second spots. These will sit alongside a 30, 60 and 90 second TVC showcasing the breadth of content from the channel, produced by the BBC Australia Creative team.

The “What’s next? promos are filmed in a large, atmospheric warehouse with a range of huge, white screens arranged in a maze-like configuration. Different scenes from either Peaky Blinders or The Musketeers are shown on the screens as the camera takes viewers on a visceral, dynamic and unexpected journey – allowing them to literally travel through the programme, experiencing twists and turns, jolts, surprises and contrasts – and leading them to question where it is all heading: “What’s next?”

The launch of the TVCs is the first stage in a 360 degrees campaign. During the eight week countdown to the launch of BBC First there will be a full “What’s next?” creative campaign including OOH, digital, press and radio advertising. Outdoor advertising, including large format billboards and bus shelters, will begin in earnest from June 15, while the new BBC First website has recently launched.