Thai production company, Zense Entertainment, has acquired the licence for Armoza’s street game show Do Me a Favour with an as yet undisclosed broadcaster, licensing a full season of the 60 minute show.

This deal follows on from news on April 8 that Thai group Kantana Group Public Company Limited have secured the rights to prime time studio entertainment format I Can Do That!, a trio of recent deals with China, and a development and distribution partnership with leading broadcaster JSBC, as Armoza continues to penetrate the growing Asian market.

The fun format was created by Itay Herman and Oded Kramer, the Israeli game show creators who also developed Catch and Still Standing. It was jointly developed by Telefe and Armoza, and produced by Telefe in Argentina.

In today’s disconnected world, where we are all wary of strangers, Do Me a Favour is a refreshing and original format that tests just how far complete strangers would go to help you. The new cheeky on-location game show gets two contestants to take to the streets and attempt to convince complete strangers to do them a favour in the least amount of time. With a ten minute time limit and a $250 budget, the participants can ask, beg, compliment or bribe to get their way.