Singapore – FOX One Stop Media (FOSM), FOX International Channels’ (FIC) integrated ad sales solutions arm, announced on April 3 that Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) has partnered with National Geographic Channel (NGC) as the official sponsor of Stephen Hawking’s Brave New World – a six-episode science documentary television mini-series featuring the brilliant theoretical physicist and his team of scientists examining cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs and their implications for the future.

Having previously sponsored The Link in 2013, ANZ and NGC now offer viewers a peek into a future through Stephen Hawking’s Brave New World, in which the world is filled with limitless possibilities, aided by the exciting developments in science and technology today. The programme is complemented by a second screen experience where viewers can use their mobile devices to scan their television screen for access to a microsite offering interesting vignettes, trivia and facts for greater interactivity.

“ANZ firmly believes that the ability to leverage insights and expertise will help many of us to reach our goals. It’s very apt that we partner National Geographic Channel on Stephen Hawking’s Brave New World, since the programme shows how a connection of ideas can lead to innovative development that helps in mankind’s progress. Much of our current technology owes its advancement to the work of our predecessors; this programme is a really exciting opportunity for us to see where our ideas can take us into the future,” said Joyce Phillips, CEO ANZ Global Wealth and Group Managing Director, Marketing and Innovation.