The Macau government announced on February 12 that Manuel Pires will become a full-time member of Teledifusão de Macau (TDM)’s Board of Directors. Pires is expected to take over Leong Kam Chun’s post as the new President of TDM’s Executive Committee.

On February 5, Leong presented his request not to be reappointed as President of TDM’s Executive Committee. His three-year term expires at the end of February.

In the press conference on February 12, Leong said he was leaving due to personal and professional reasons: “I am an accountant and I have a different system than that of the civil servants’ one. And, during Chinese New Year, I did some thinking on whether I would continue or not, and I thought it would be better to go back to my profession. After three years, I think it’s better to do my own duties, my expertise, then to continue. So, I presented my request for not to be reappointed.”

The Chief Executive has accepted his request.

Starting from March 1, Pires will become a full-time member of TDM’s Board of Directors.

“The Chief Executive chose between the appointed officers and thought, from the nine members of the Board of Directors, Manuel Pires is the person that has the most experience in TDM. Since 2001, when he started as a part-time administrator in TDM; and then later, in 2011, when he became chairman of the Board of Directors”, said government spokesperson Alexis Tam.