Mediastan tracks the WikiLeaks team’s journey as they travel through Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and other ‘stans in 2011 in their attempt to release US diplomatic cables to media outlets around the world.

Mediastan is an acid-test, where depending on how the film is treated by the media you can understand where their boundaries and allegiances are,” said Johannes Wahlstrom, Swedish journalist and the film’s director. “From this point of view RT proves that it is the largest international TV-station in the world that will not shun from the topics of Mediastan, namely those of censorship and freedom of speech.”

Mediastan was filmed in a number of languages and is subtitled in English. It will air in its original format on RT International (and and will be dubbed, respectively, in Arabic and Spanish for RT Arabic and RT Spanish news channels’ broadcasts and their corresponding websites. It will also play with Russian subtitles on RT’s Russian-language online portal. The 90 minute film will be split into three parts, which will air consecutively, and will be re-broadcast several times between December 20th and December 31st.

“This film raises critical questions about freedom of the press – whether it exists and whether it is truly possible – at a time when the global community is more than ever paying attention to the astounding facts exposed by whistleblowers such as Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, and outlets like Wikileaks,” said Margarita Simonyan, RT’s editor in chief. “We’re proud to bring the next chapter in this ever-important debate to RT viewers around the world.”