Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific has launched [adult swim] in Australia, the first market in the region to experience its fan-boy humour. [adult swim] exists entirely online, as an on-demand video platform to address an increasing appetite for unbundled short-form content.

The brand is a multi-platform digital offering delivering a catalogue of more than 1,500 unique, edgy and engaging animated videos. The content is available free of charge and any mobile device including iOS, Android and Windows 8 PC and phone.

Commenting on the launch, Jeremy Carr, Turner’s Vice President for Entertainment Digital and Syndication in Asia Pacific, said, “The timing was perfect. We identified Australia as a unique market where there’s a huge demand for short-form video and it’s a great opportunity for both consumers and advertisers. This unconventional brand is basic cable’s No. 1 network with young adults in the U.S. and this success means that we have the right content to export [adult swim] internationally. We are very pleased that Australia is first on the list for Asia Pacific and we look forward to rolling it out in other markets.”

Targeting a total potential audience of almost four million and immediately enticing 40,000 redirects from the U.S. [adult swim] website, key content includes Seth Green’s highly successful Robot Chicken animated series, Harvey Birdman and Metalocalypse.