Beyond Distribution is working with Story House Productions for the first time, launching their new crime series Addicted To The Life at MIPCOM. This series tells the real stories of everyday people who get caught up in an inescapable life of crime.

Michelle Manassah, VP of Production for Story House Productions, said “We are thrilled with our new series Addicted to The Life. It’s a lot of fun to produce and we are really enjoying working with Beyond in the distribution process. They’ve been very engaged and equally excited about this glamorous yet gritty new series”. 

This twelve-part series follows cautionary tales of people not so different from the rest of us, who have unbelievable stories to tell. Driven by ambition, greed, fear and even love, morals are no match for the lavish lifestyle and the gripping adrenaline rush that comes with danger and deception. But the ‘highs’ come with a staggering price tag, from broken bones to broken dreams, to time behind bars and even death. Once crime pays, there is no turning back!