Los Angeles – The Jim Henson Company has announced the debut of its first preschool property to be released “digital first” for mobile platforms – Jim Henson’s Chatter ZooAccompanying it is a new app created in collaboration with the award-winning creator of mobile learning applications for kids, Mindshapes, and will teach early language acquisition as young preschoolers get to interact with four friendly and playful baby animals.

Chatter Zoo, which was created by Alex Rockwell (Pajanimals, Bear in the Big Blue House), will premiere as a digital property prior to any other platform, available in iTunes for iPhone and iPad on August 8, 2013. Launch on the Amazon Kindle Fire will follow in September. The Jim Henson Company is simultaneously continuing to develop the property for television and ancillary products.

“When we create a new world for a preschool audience, we want that world to be authentic and meaningful across many different media formats. In the last several years, the digital space has developed to be a highly powerful tool for preschool learning and, working with language specialists and psychologists, we’ve created this new app that provides opportunities for our audience to master specific language goals while caring for their new Chatter Zoo friends,” said Halle Stanford, Executive Vice President of Children’s Entertainment, The Jim Henson company. “The big idea of Chatter Zoo is that young kids at home, who are just a little bit older than our adorable baby animals, get to ‘take care of’ and ‘teach’ these characters the very skills that they themselves are in the final stages of mastering using interactive play that is based in a strong curriculum of vocabulary acquisition and early language building.”

Nina Pustilnik co-CEO of Mindshapes said, “The strength of this property as a new entrant into the “language learning” market is its emphasis on the world of Chatter Zoo, the characters, and the stories — it is the perfect framework to make a highly interactive and differentiated product to launch “digital first,” which makes mobile learning fun and provides great value for parents.” Chris Michaels co-CEO of Mindshapes, continued, “In our extensive user testing of the Chatter Zoo app, children were immersed in endless ‘play,’ while also clearly learning new skills along the way. We look forward to furthering our relationship with Henson as this property grows.”