Copenhagen – Octoshape, an industry leader in cloud-based streaming technology, announced that its Infinite HD-M technology has been selected to power video distribution over-the-top (OTT) to Da Ai TV selected set-top boxes and connected devices across the globe. Taiwan-based Da Ai TV is a subsidiary of the Tzu Chi Foundation, a Buddhist organisation known for its selfless contributions to society in charity, medicine, education and culture.

“It is very important for our foundation to provide the message of Tzu Chi to our members anywhere in the world,” said James Ho, Associate General Manager of Da Ai TV. “Our goal is to reach as many people as possible with the message of Tzu Chi, so those people can reach out and touch the hearts of others. With Octoshape-powered streaming we are now able to reach geographical markets where traditional internet streaming technologies cannot perform.” 

In an effort to extend the reach of its tailored programming, Da Ai TV will use Octoshape’s Infinite HD-M technologies to stream news, drama, parenting, science, medical, environmental, and cultural content to members and followers of the Tzu Chi Foundation. The Tzu Chi Foundation will also use the platform as a new means of communicating with its members to assist in organising global first responder relief efforts, and other charitable humanitarian initiatives.

The Infinite HD-M solution enables TV quality, TV scale and TV economics for broadband TV over unmanaged IP networks by utilising existing infrastructure in the telco and operator network. Infinite HD-M enables large volumes of broadband TV to be delivered efficiently over last mile networks without requiring the vast infrastructure upgrades necessary with traditional video delivery platforms.