The OzTAM and Nielsen report which covers the first quarter of 2013 shows media consumption patterns are evolving as households add new technologies.

Amid the proliferation of new technologies, overall use of the main household TV set has been constant over the past three years. Television is in 99% of homes, and Australians continue to spend the majority of their screen time with the in-home TV set.

While the TV set is used mostly to watch LIVE TV, new devices are used for many purposes. The amount of time spent watching TV content and other video on connected devices depends on both device penetration levels and characteristics, with people of all age groups generally preferring to watch video on the largest available screen. An estimated 31% of homes now have tablets – more than double the 15% estimated in Q1 2012.

In addition, the steady take-up of connected devices, and the fact that people keep them close by most of the time, has seen an increase in media ‘multi-tasking’ – that is, using more than one screen at the same time – among Australians aged 16 and over.