Singapore – Women in Asia can be classified into five distinct segments according to their motivations, aspirations and attitudes as revealed by NBCUniversal’s latest study in understanding the female pay-television audience. These five groups have been identified in the entertainment network’s latest High Heeled Warriors psychographic research on urban women across South East Asia. The research presents unique data on women, giving advertisers the knowledge to tap into the most important commercial opportunity, and will be illuminated to advertisers and content distributors.

Christine Fellowes, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Universal Networks International says, “We see the majority of our audience, who are women, scaling up in education, earning power and aspirations over the last few years. The ASEAN region has the highest proportion of women in senior management roles in the world – at 32% versus the global average of 21%. 31% of women in Asia are chief income earners and purchase over 60% of traditionally male products. It is fundamental that advertisers listen to the needs of this critical demographic and yet we hear from women that they don’t feel engaged by today’s ad campaigns.”