Tel Aviv, Israel – Armoza Formats’ factual format Connected is seeing new commissions from broadcasters in Europe and Asia. India’s  ZEE TV has commissioned a 65-episode series that will debut June 2, and will air daily. The show will enable six Indian women to open their lives to the public, and is expected to make local history, as it will see the first LGBT activist to ever appear on Indian television. In Estonia, a first season has been commissioned by Kanal 2 for a 30-episode run now in production.

Connected is the self-filmed journey of five women/men who don’t know each other, but whose lives become connected thematically in the series. The participants range in age from teens to mid-forties, and capture a wide range of life experience and personal and social issues, creating a time capsule of what it is like to live in this year, in this place, as a woman/man. Through the cameras, five parallel stories unfold as each woman experiences transformative life changes and voyages of self-discovery.