HO CHI MINH – LED TVs are readily being adopted and growing in prevalence in Vietnam. Rising awareness and technological sophistication of consumers in the developing market have been heightening demand for this TV type, which sold over 730,000 units in 2012, representing a 176 percent surge in volume sales compared to the previous year.

Findings from GfK retail audit showed the LED TV segment in Vietnam commencing the year with less than 20 percent volume share of the overall TV market in January, and had consistently trended upwards in subsequent months to reach 66 percent by year end. This reflects an annual average of 37 percent in 2012—a substantial increment from the previous year’s 11 percent.

“GfK reporting depicted some decline in general TV sales last year due largely to slower economic growth which led to more cautious
spending by consumers in the country,” highlighted Van Tran Khoa, Managing Director of GfK Vietnam. “However, when we zoom into specific segments, LED TVs outperformed basic LCD, plasma and CRT TVs and was the only segment which managed to achieve exponential spike in sales.”

One of the key reasons for buyers choosing this more advanced TV technology is its lowering prices which makes it increasingly affordable. The average LED TV price in 2012 dropped significantly by over a third of what it used to be in 2011—from USD805 to USD513. Basic LCD also registered price erosion but to a lesser extent while plasma is the only segment which saw a marginal price increase. It is the most expensive segment currently due to the fact that only larger screen sizes of 42” and above are available.