The Adventures Of Figaro Pho (13 x 22′ HD and 39 x 8′ HD), distributed by ABC Commercial, has won two awards at the Kidscreen Awards in New York for Best Design and Best Animation, in the Creative Talent Category. The awards follow a win at the Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts Awards (AACTA) for Best Children’s Television Series in January.

Figaro Pho is a warm-hearted, adorable, quirky and mischievous character who just happens to be afflicted with a multitude of weird and wonderful phobias. These phobias range from the stock standard fear of spiders (arachnophobia) to the not-so-common fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth (arachibutyrophobia). From the fear of bathing (ablutophobia) to the fear of the great mole rat (zemmiphobia), Figaro has them all – A to Z – and he keeps discovering more!